Thursday, August 20, 2009

Movie 'Bablibo' to be dubbed in Tetum

``The Stewart family are thrilled that in the new East Timorese dubbed version of Robert Connelly's ``BALIBO'' movie the voice of our brother and son Tony Stewart will be played by our long time East Timorese friend and founder of The Dili Allstars, Gil Santos.

The voice of East Timor's then young Foreign Minister Jose Ramos Horta will be played by East Timorese actor Alex Tilman who starred in the Australian/Canadian tele-movie ``Answered By Fire'' several years ago.

Producer John Maynard said he would leave for East Timor soon with the new version of the movie proudly boasting that it featured 100 per cent Tetun dialogue apart from a few words in English spoken by Gough Whitlam.

``The East Timorese Government have purchased a 20 foot screen and a couple of large sound speakers and we will screen the movie in seven different locations. In some areas where we show the film it will be the first time ever the locals will have seen a big movie so it should be a real thrill for them,'' he said recently.

``It has also been announced that the film will be screened at this year's Toronto Film Festival.''

Producer Maynard, actor Damon Gameau and Dili Allstar Paul Stewart will all attend a charity screening of the movie at
Sydney's Cremorne Orpheum on Monday August 31.

Money raised on the night wll go to the Alma Nuns who look after disabled children in East Timor.

Paul Stewart

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